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Tonyé is a holistic fitness and health strategist and the founder of ‘Freedom At The Crossroads. She is fiercely dedicated to helping women at the crossroads of their lives achieve transformation in their fitness, health, lifestyle and reclaim their power so that they can have the freedom to pursue their passion and purpose!

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Don’t remain on the sidelines waiting for “something” to happen when you can reclaim your power right here and now to look better, feel better, without the pressure! I like to call it “Balance Unrestricted”

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DIY Jewelry Home Decorating Ideas

We all have gifts left over from the holidays, that we’d either rather toss (it didn’t fit your vibe, thoughtless, cheap last-minute buy; be honest) or regift for the “right” person (i.e not you). My solution is to use these less than stellar jewelry "gifts" for some...

Toxic Food Additives: What’s In Your Mayo?

  Sometimes I almost feel like a chemist in a laboratory when I walk through the aisles of my local supermarkets! Each time I make that trek I become more and more convinced that that’s not the place I need to be picking up items to put in my stomach. I'm...

Benu Cosmetics Skincare Review

Hello, goodness and all my fellow skincare freaks! I make no bones about splurging on skincare, especially when I come across a brand that’s all about eco-friendly, animal-friendly, and plant-based skincare. Today I'm sharing my new secret weapon from Benu Cosmetics....