Month: June 2017

Female Toxicity: Projection and Comparison

Today I decided to express my thoughts on a troubling and destructive trend I’ve come across in over the last few weeks. While I know that a number of women often fall victim to the comparison monster and their images of self to become warped by it, I’ve never grown accustomed to those who choose to victimize other women rather than seek the necessary healing and personal development that is needed to break free from such destructive processes! What do I mean? Well, I’m referring to a toxic interaction I had with another female author regarding the issue of...

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Good Woman, Good Girl Syndrome: Toxic Worthiness

Where do I start? Well, a good definition is a good place to start. Here’s mine: A “good” woman knows her place, is deferential, soft-spoken, never says “no“ (or almost never), gives of herself until nothing is left, selfless (she is always at the bottom of her list of priorities), and largely submissive and definitely not “opinionated.” In the more general sense, the quality of being “good” is defined as “of a favorable character or tendency,” wholesome, conforming to standards ( of what constitutes good) virtuous,  agreeable and so forth ( see Merriam-Webster online edition). Other definitions of “good” include, morally right; righteousness, propriety, etc. If still don’t know where I’m going with this, let me throw in a definition for feminine (courtesy of Google) which describes feminine in these terms: having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness. Let me add the associated synonyms-delicate, gentle, graceful, girlish, etc.     Don’t be deceived by marketing gimmicks and misinformation campaigns promoted by both big agribusiness and the processed food industry. Labels on our foods matter and so do the methods of food production. Foods that have been cultivated using conventional means (i.e. large-scale pesticide and herbicide use, etc) are much more likely to contain damaging levels of these residues. We as consumers can not rely on these industries to “self-regulate” as their track records have shown them to be less than honest...

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