Month: January 2018

Toxic Food Additives: What’s In Your Mayo?

Sometimes I almost feel like a chemist in a laboratory when I walk through the aisles of my local supermarkets! Each time I make that trek I become more and more convinced that that’s not the place I need to be picking up items to put in my stomach. I’m convinced the packaged food aisles are simply halls of death masquerading toxic food additives as “flavor” enhancers or “benign ingredients”. While packaged foods can be helpful sometimes (i.e. emergency foodstuffs for disaster relief, etc), they are definitely a class of foods every person should avoid if they value their lives!...

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Ditch Processed Sugar

There are so many reasons why ingesting huge amounts of (processed) sugar is a terrible idea, but few people recognize the devasting impacts sugar can have on the body. Between the heavy marketing and confusing information from doctors and nutritionists alike, it’s no wonder that the facts get lost in the shuffle. Processed sugar in all its forms and packagings are literally killing us and if we don’t stop it right now, more people will die. Here are some basic facts about sugar: 1.First and foremost, sugar contains a lot of calories and has no essential nutrients. If that isn’t enough to make you pause, consider the fact that it also causes tooth decay by fueling the production and proliferation of harmful bacteria in the mouth. 2.Next, added sugar is high in fructose and can overload your liver. A sedentary lifestyle coupled with the typical western diet that’s filled with processed foods, high in sodium and lots of sugar; the high levels of fructose in this type of diet is transformed into fat in the liver. The danger here is that it can lead to non-alcoholic liver disease. So what’s the big deal? The problem arises from the fact that when sugar enters the bloodstream from the digestive tract, it gets broken down into glucose and fructose. Now, while glucose is present in every living organism (if we don’t get it...

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Benu Cosmetics Skincare Review

Hello, goodness and all my fellow skincare freaks! I make no bones about splurging on skincare, especially when I come across a brand that’s all about eco-friendly, animal-friendly, and plant-based skincare. Today I’m sharing my new secret weapon from Benu Cosmetics. I know it can often be hard to see the forest for the trees in the world of cosmeceuticals, skincare and wellness industries, BUT I would be doing us all a huge disservice by not featuring this up and coming skin care gem. I hate when old favorites keep messing with their formulas in the name of “improvements” (it’s just reformulating and branding, seriously, who gives a flying fig?) to the point where my skin straight up lodges a serious rebellion and I’m forced to go a-hunting for a new line that’s all natural, loaded with anti-oxidants and won’t throw me into a tailspin. Well, enough of that! I recently got the opportunity to try out “Hello Skin” serum from ©Benu Cosmetics, and needless to say, I am a fan.  I love the feel and texture of Benu Cosmetics’ “Hello Skin” serum! It’s an awesome new line, founded by a millennial who’s serious about making changes in both the skincare industry and the environment! It’s vegan, organic and uses all natural ingredients that will nourish, moisturize and heal your skin. Additionally, if you’ve got sensitive skin like I do this...

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