We all have gifts left over from the holidays, that we’d either rather toss (it didn’t fit your vibe, thoughtless, cheap last-minute buy; be honest) or regift for the “right” person (i.e not you). My solution is to use these less than stellar jewelry “gifts” for some of my DIY home jewelry decorating projects.

If you’re like me, you feel guilty about throwing such gifts and trinkets in the recycle ♻️ bin so you try to find more “tasteful” ways of repurposing these sorts of gifts.  Since I’m big on finding creative ways to decorate and multi-purpose a variety of odds and ends, it’s DIY jewelry home decorating time!

Using unwanted trinkets for DIY jewelry home decorating projects

A DIY Jewelry project for decorating the home is a perfect example of creative ways to switch things up in your living spaces. I’ve found that old or unwanted trinkets and such, work well for accessorizing your favorite spaces and repurposing your humdrum household items. In fact, chunky or thick ropy necklaces are awesome for those spaces that need a little bit of bling to add some personality.

As I dug through my stash of items for my goodwill drop-off, I came across a chunky gold ©Akira choker that just got my creative juices flowing! While it wouldn’t do for my particular tastes in jewelry (mine tend to lean towards natural precious and semi-precious metals and stones, plus my sensitive skin can’t handle anything less), it is perfect for a DIY jewelry home decorating project.

Fortunately for me, there was no cutting or splicing required for this particular DIY job and this was largely due to the fact that it was already the perfect length as a drapery tie-back. The brushed gold multi-stranded choker had enough links for it to be repurposed as a drapery accessory and took less than 10 mins to fashion it into an excellent DIY home decorating success!

It’s still early days yet so in the spirit of decluttering and detoxing your life, grab your copy of my detox pantry guide (click on the image above) and keep the momentum rolling!

Tonye Tariah

Tonye Tariah

Freedom At The Crossroads Founder

Tonye Tariah, Holistic Health Strategist and founder of Freedom at The Crossroads Blog, helps free women from inaction and unhealthy habits so they can get fit, healthy, and live free. Her approach is “the cookie cutter method only works for cookies,” meaning she helps each person in a unique way helps them transform their lives from the inside out. She’s not about helping you lose weight quick. She’s about changing your habits and helping you fall in love with yourself so you can live a life with pure joy.