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Tonye is a holistic fitness and health coach and the founder of ‘Freedom At The Crossroads.’ She is fiercely dedicated to helping women at the crossroads of their lives achieve fitness, health, and the freedom to pursue their passion!

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Omega-rich Spicy Nigerian Fusion Omelette

It's no secret that I love food, and I love food that is well done and prepared with soul! Having my roots in West Africa means that I love it spicy, exotic, and of course, healthy. Preparing healthy and sustainable meals is not difficult if you take the time to...

Why the Gym Won’t Help You Lose Weight

We all know exercise is good for us but most of us either don't get enough of it or none at all! At the start of every new year or season, gyms are flooded with people hoping to lose weight and get healthy. The sad truth is that more than 80% of those who start a gym...