Life is full of challenges. If you’re truly paying attention you’ll get the sense that there is an ebb flow to this life’s journey.  When it comes to having a healthy and fulfilling life, the quality of that life is the ultimate goal. In order to fulfill your passion and potential, you must operate at your optimal physical and mental states and that all starts in the mind! Selfcare is key to a healthy lifestyle.


So what’s the good news in all of this? Well, by making yourself a priority (a.k.a. selfcare) when it comes to your fitness and health recognizing that you can’t give from an empty well or fully explore your innate potential, you are creating a pathway through which your life can begin to shift into balance. In my experience, I’ve learned that one of the most visible indicators of a life out of balance is poor health, stress, anxiety and being “stuck” (i.e. feeling trapped in a situation or state).


Other “physical” manifestations of imbalance are things like weight gain, stress and feeling overwhelmed. That’s right ladies, that ever-increasing number on your bathroom scale that makes you want to scream in frustration because you’re at that point where a simple inhalation results in an additional five pounds! Wow, been there done that, NOT buying the t-shirt again gals, lol.

So what am I getting at? What I am trying to say is that all is not lost, yes you can shed the unhealthy weight, get rid of undue stress and fatigue, etc. The real and lasting solution is to first STOP and reflect on your current state, make an honest decision (about what you need to do in order to change your state), get a plan, and take ACTION. It’s about realizing that selfcare is really healthcare.

It’s one thing to look in the mirror and gripe about weight gain and being in a rut, but it’s a whole other level of truth that makes you jump off of that “hamster wheel” going nowhere and make a serious and actionable plan to change the course of your life. For those who are wondering, I don’t claim to have all the answers, BUT I do know how to get sh*t done because I’ve literally L.I.V.E.D. that journey and I had to dig deep for the courage and aggressively grab hold of the resources necessary to achieve my fitness and health goals. An added bonus to all of that is, other areas of my life began to shift into balance as well and I’m now unlocking my power and potential for other goals for the future.

Sometimes you just have to dive in regardless of your fears or perceived limitations and barriers, otherwise, you’ll find yourself indefinitely stuck in that awful crossroads slowly losing your health, positivity, power, and potential in a death spiral. Yes, it sounds a bit melodramatic, but for anyone who knows that pain, you recognize that the struggle is real. I’ve got no illusions about how hard it can be to make that break, but once you decide, plan, and take action; the process becomes easier and the goal is in sight.


I’m both a physical and visual person, so fitness (and health) is a great way to create movement and progress toward achieving the desired goal. Getting outdoors is an excellent way to not only recharge the body and mind but it also a great way break away from the crossroads (i.e. hamster wheel). True balance comes with making selfcare a necessity rather than a priority (you deserve to be more than a number on a to-list).

A brisk walk along the beach trails, forest preserves, etc, will (if you’re like me) help you activate your mind and body to engage in something new. Remember, exercise comes in several forms and regardless of fitness level, the KEY ingredient here Is ACTION! Moving the body activates all your body systems, as well as the mind and the best gift you could ever give yourself or your family, is a healthy, strong, and positive version of yourself. I’ not saying it will not be a challenge, what I AM saying is that YOU need to invest in yourself recognize your own worth if you ever hope to have others make the same calculation. Bottom line? if you do not value yourself first, no one else will do it for you!

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Tonye Tariah

Tonye Tariah

Freedom At The Crossroads Founder

Tonye Tariah, Holistic Health Strategist and founder of Freedom at The Crossroads Blog, helps free women from inaction and unhealthy habits so they can get fit, healthy, and live free. Her approach is “the cookie cutter method only works for cookies,” meaning she helps each person in a unique way helps them transform their lives from the inside out. She’s not about helping you lose weight quick. She’s about changing your habits and helping you fall in love with yourself so you can live a life with pure joy.