Freedom At The Crossroads is dedicated to all the brave women who are determined to discover and explore life’s journey through exercise, nutrition, and self-empowerment. I love helping people and I love working in an industry that is dedicated to healing, but for me? That just wasn’t enough!

A FEW YEARS AGO I GOT SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED, UNHEALTHY, OVERWEIGHT, AND OVERSTRESSED! I was fed up with all the hype and wrong-headed approach to fitness and weight loss. To make matters even worse, in spite of the expensive gym membership I had been paying for, I saw NO RESULTS!! Added to that was my frustration and anger at witnessing other women I cared about, suffering as they too, lived the same nightmare.

IT WAS TIME TO LITERALLY TAKE A C T I O N !!! By doing some deep soul searching, truly investing in my own fitness, health, and personal development, I was able to break free from a destructive love-hate relationship I had with my food and my body! Now, with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained, I continue my journey to better health, fitness, and balance. I’ve since realized that I can change not only my life but the lives of so many other women out there, who are struggling, hurting and searching for REAL answers to the same battles I have already fought and won!

Fast forward to this moment and I’m much lighter, in alignment with who I am and now my purpose and my passion are clear! It is truly a wonderful thing when you finally begin to manifest your authentic self. While my life’s journey is far from over, I am more than ready to grab the hands of more women in solidarity as we build a tribe of authentic, fit, healthy and empowered women who are ready to claim their space!

Making big changes in our lives often takes courage, visualization, commitment, as well as accountability and support. This was a hard journey for me but my passionate intent is to help women achieve true transformation while avoiding some of the common pitfalls of striking out without the necessary support, knowledge, and accountability for success!  

I believe this is my calling; to not just help myself but to help other women win at being fit and healthy. In order to live a healthy and fulfilling life, you must dig deep, transforming yourself from the inside out,  in order to manifest the woman you were always meant to be! Enough about me girlfriend. The real question is, ARE YOU READY TO PUT YOUR HEALTH FIRST?  Then, let’s get started right NOW